Divertor heat load estimation with thermal measurements in WEST, by Jonathan Gaspar

May 5, 2022

Abstract: WEST is a full W tokamak with an extensive set of diagnostics for heat load measurements especially in the lower divertor. It is composed by infrared thermography, thermal measurement with thermocouples and fiber Bragg grating embedded few mm below the surface. Associated to this thermal measurement different inverse method have been developed to estimate the heat flux deposited on the plasma facing components. The plasma heat flux is characterized by the time evolution of its amplitude and spatial shape on the target (heat flux decay length 𝜆𝑞𝑡, power spreading in the private flux region 𝑆𝑡 and the strike point location 𝑥0). The thermal diagnostics and the inverse method will be described and illustrated with experimental data from different campaigns performed at WEST.

Info: https://fusionep-talks.egyplasma.com/events/?e=73
Zoom link password: 80565B4B


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